Black Sphere Studios

Utility Library

Download bss-util

All releases for the latest version of bss-util are listed below as a zip file or a tar file, depending on platform. The SDK contains both the source code for bss-util, and precompiled versions of the library as both a DLL and a static lib file. On Windows, bss-util requires at least Visual Studio 2015, which can be downloaded for free. On any POSIX based system, a make file is included that will compile both the library and the test suite.

Platform Type Download
Windows x64/x86 SDK
Linux x64 SDK bss-util-posix-0.4.5.tar.gz
Source Code zip
Source Code tar.gz v0.4.5.tar.gz

Older releases, including source dumps for past versions, are available on github.

Source Code

The latest development build is available from github, or you can grab the git repo:

git clone

If you would like to clone the repo at a specific point in time, such as the snapshot of the latest release, clone the appropriate tagged commit.